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Welcome to my blog! Thank your for making your way into my world of fashion, food, home décor and more! I’d love to say that it’s just a fashion blog, slowly I think it’s evolving into one of those lifestyle blogs that just incorporates everything that I love into one neat blog!


My name is Eileen and I’m a thirtysomething that is a work in progress; I work a 9-5, Monday to Friday job that I mostly enjoy even with it’s stressful, bad moments.  I find that blogging gives me that creative breather from my stress, and maintains my creative side and keeps it growing and thriving even when at my day job.  I just recently got married to the love of my life and my bestfriend, and I am just loving life.  I love my family and value the few true friends that have stuck by and with me.


Like I mentioned earlier, this blog has somewhat evolved into something more than a fashion blog.  I’m not a professional youtuber nor do I snap chat but I enjoy a good blog post and something to share with others!  I would get into youtube but I’m usually shy and self-conscious so I’m still working my way to it lol.  Maybe someday but for now, sharing my posts through the blog is good enough for me! I won’t rule out videos on my blog though, if I get enough followers and requests!


I live on the beautiful, super natural British Columbia, Canada.  I am a proud Canadian with roots in the Philippines.  I consider Vancouver my home and hometown and would not ever dare move! Lol.  I just love this city that everytime I go somewhere I’ve been before many times, I find a new facet to love.


I’m not sure how to answer this lol.  I’ve been blogging for what seems like forever! I used to aspire to either be a teacher or writer and had one of those yahoo blogs that you had to do all your own html codes to customize lol.  It’s evolved from an online journal to some baking posts for things I used to try and do to fashion and now other things in my life that I love sharing, like home cooking with the new hubby to my baking attempts and even home décor!


Why? Because I love blogging! I’ve been a blogging addict for years! Lol.  My ideal day would be a day off from my day job, sit at a café with my laptop with an iced mocha and write!  If you have anoticed, I recently changed my blog name to Westcoast Wife Style.  Why did I change my name? I think that my old blog name just didn’t reflect where I am now –more at my 20s really.  I think that as my life has transitioned from a single woman to married life and all that entails (eventually motherhood?) i want my style to reflect where I am now.  As as i’ve come into a new chapter in my life, i wanted the new name just reflected my new role as a wife and also my journey style wise and in other aspects of my life.  If you think about it, it’s somewhat a play on words, ‘wifestyle‘ like ‘lifestyle‘, get it? lol.

For Any collaborations/business inquiries:

Instagram: westcoastwifestyle

Email: westcoastwifestyle@yahoo.ca

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