Fall Essential: Trench Coats

Happy Hump Day!

If you’re living in Vancouver, I hope you’re enjoying the downpour we have today! Oh my, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it rain like this but I don’t actually mind it.  Mind you, I’m indoors and dry so maybe that is one of the reasons! Lol.

It’s the second day of fall and I don’t know if it’s just me but people seem to be just super excited for it and so am I! I’ve always loved fall and to see so many kindred souls missing and anticipating the fall season just made me feel like I’m not crazy afterall!  With fall finally here, of course fall style is on my mind (duh) and im excited to bring out my jackets and sweaters and get cozy.  One of my fall essentials is the trench coat.  It’s one of those classic pieces that I love to put into my fall fashion rotation on its own or as a layering piece.

Over the years I’ve added different styles of trench coats to my wardrobe that have added that extra oomph!

Zara Trench coat / Briston fedora
Zara Trench / Banana Republic Suit / Gap Tee / Zara loaders
BCBG Trench Cape Coat / Brixton Fedora
BCBG Trench Cape / H&M beret / Aldo boots
Banana Republic Trench Cape / Zara Dress pants / Dynamite top (inside trench)
J Crew Trench Cape / Aldo boots
Banana Republic Faux Suede Trench Coat / Forever 21 jeans / Also Shoes / Brixton Fedora

Whether you go for the classic trench coat style (Zara), a different texture (Banana Republic faux suede trench) or a creative take on the classic like a cape (BCBG, J Crew or BR) you can never go wrong with adding these to your fall wardrobe. They add style without sacrificing functionality for cooler days. Most of these styles are actually water repellent or resistant so you’re definitely not sacrificing function to add style to your everyday fall style!

Comment on which style you like and may add into your wardrobe!

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