First day of Fall

Happy First day of Fall!

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this season! It’s my favorite time of year, eclipsing (only ever-so-slightly) my second most favorite, Christmas! Comment below if you feel the same lol, c’mon don’t leave me hangin’ here!? 

For over a month now (and maybe more lol) I’ve been waiting for the days to get darker, earlier…I’ve been waiting for the morning air to get more crisp and return to that feeling in the air that lets me know that my favorite season is here.  I’ve noticed that the leaves on my favorite maple trees have started falling (hence, fall!) and the stores start hauling their pumpkins!

I know that this year is different that autumns’ past, but we make do with what is in front of us knowing that as long as we have our health and family, that is all we need this year.  It’s also something to be extra grateful for this year as we come into thanksgiving with a little less gathering, more intimate family bubbles.  I hope that people take heed that we need to just shrink our bubbles and start making the conscious effort to stay safe and distance.  With all that somberness, I want to move on to more exciting stuff…fall fashion!

This is my first outfit of the day for fall…and first fall maternity outfit.

| blazer & loafers: Zara | Shirt: H&M |leggings: Urban Behavior | Bag: Danier Leather |

Leading into my third trimester, I’ve started opting for more comfortable clothing, but still try to stay stylish and true to my fashionista self.  Being so body conscious and just feeling out of sorts with the pregnancy, I try to remind myself that I’m still me, just pregnant!  With that said, I’m glad that even though I’ve been rocking leggings and ribbed dresses more (something I’ve long forgotten after my late 20s) I can still rock my blazers! I love blazers, I think they can just elevate even the most casual of style.  It’s nice to know that during my pregnancy, I can use it as a topper or layering piece.

I noticed that my double breasted, roomy blazers are the way to go with my ever growing bump.  It leaves some room and I don’t have to feel constricted by my more fitted, single breasted blazers.  I’ve also started wearing more loose tees.  Really I haven’t bought many maternity clothes except for two pairs of jeans, both being on sale.  I’ve bought more leggings that will not only take me to full term pregnancy, but also during post-partum.

I am excited to put more outfits together as we move into the season, and also be able to wear my sweaters again!

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