Baby Shower DIY

Happy somewhat smokey Monday!

I took the last week (maybe even longer from the blog) to just relax after our baby shower last week in order to just take it all in and to rest.  It took a lot of planning, crafting, cooking and setting up (then setting down) the party.  It’s unprecedented times and so instead of having someone else to throw us a baby shower, we ended up making it a small affair with family and doing it ourselves.  TBH, I wouldn’t have been able to relinquish control anyways lol.  It all worked out in the end!

I wanted to focus on the party itself; the crafts, food and set up. Unfortunately, the busy last few minutes before it started just made me forget to take pictures of the set up, but not the DIY crafts I did!

The Sign

A bit of background, the cardstock used in all of the crafts (with the exception of buying one small ream of white cardstock) were from our wedding years back.  I overbought cardstock and barely used it all then, and got excited that since it’s a baby girl, I was able to use most of it now.  The roses were from various you tube tutorials and from a pattern online (I will search and link it once I find it).  The cricut helped a great deal in being able to do precise, cuts in bulk in order to make the petals faster.  I have to admit, I was greatly thankful to have my cricut to be able to cut them fast, and in big numbers!

It was a combination of cardstock, a boning folder (for curling the edges) and a glue gun to make these babies!

Guess the Baby’s Birthday game

So this is pretty easy, it’s a lot of cardstock and some vinyl and surprisingly, Word software lol. I created the calendar with word, then printed it on white cardstock and glued that to the black background. The lettering is vinyl. The stickers were made with cricut, using my old stock of circuit sticker paper and hearts cut into it. Pretty easy, right?

Guessing Jar game

The game of guessing the number of kisses chocolate in the jar was another easy one, mostly just on word. After printing on the white cardstock paper, I used my old cutter (again, a wedding crafting purchase) and cut it all. The sign was also made in word!

Sanitation Sign

So, this is really an easy DIY just made from word again, and printed on the pink cardstock and laminated. I had just gotten laminating sheets from amazon and went abit laminating crazy lol so I ended up laminating the sign. I taped the sign to a frame that I had from my bar cart for an easy sign stand. For extra info, I used our banana hanging stand to hang a favor bag full of masks for guests to use if needed. That way, it’s not sitting on the table and it’s covered in a bag.

The typo “streasure” was corrected as I was able to peel the extra “s” off once I realized it lol

Frame guestbook

In hindsight, this would’ve made more sense if there were more people but it still worked as intended. I bought the frame on sale from Michaels, originally wanting a more neutral frame colour but I guess it worked out that it’s a girl and a pink frame. I printed a picture of the ultrasound picture of our baby, and set it in the center of a cardstock. I put the glass in the back of the frame for the moment so as not to separate the whole thing, and this allowed people to be able to write directly into the frame and the cardstock!


So usually when i do favors, i sometimes end up taking the harder way of doing things and I was determined to make things easier on myself this time. I googled and went into Pinterest trying to figure out easy favors to do. I finally settled on popcorn (which everyone loves right?) and bought a set of bags for $4 from michaels and Chicago style popcorn from Superstore for $7. Now the fun part! I had the ribbon already from awhile back and I long had this idea of heat transferring custom lettering on the ribbon for gifts and occasions. I finally had a chance to try it out by making custom baby shower ribbons! I loved how these turned out! I also created a sign by creating a logo on word and printing it like normal, then using our old wedding foil on it to give that gold sheen. It turned out fab i must say. So finally, i prepared these favors early on the night or two before just so that i don’t have to do more things the night before, and was worried the popcorn might go stale (as it does when a bag isn’t sealed). I had this idea to use the vacuum sealer we had and seal the bag the same way the vacuum bags are sealed and it worked! I was able to seal the bags and keep them fresh days before the event!

I had fun doing all the crafts and was at no time stressing on any of these projects.  The most that happened was some hard brainstorming into the most creative way to present these ideas I had.  I hope these give you some ideas into crafts for your baby shower or one you’re throwing for a mom-to-be.  I certainly had fun seeing it executed the day of, and how well things worked!

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