Gender Reveal Ingredients

Now that all the dust has settled and we’ve thanked all the family and friends that have congratulated us on our baby girl, I wanted to share the thought process that came into the idea that became our Baby Gender Reveal.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I thought of many ways to do our gender reveal both extravagant and small, and with the pandemic looming in the back (or fore) ground just a small reveal won out. It’s not so much the extravagance of it but to celebrate something good in the midst of half the year that has gone by with little good news in the world seemed more important to us. At first my husband was hesitant to do anything at all, just to have a picture of it revealing the gender or just to tell our parents verbally but I wanted to do something.

I googled alot of things, but this was one that i recently saw on pinterest, not to mention I’ve seen something about Kim Kardashian doing it for some promo of her product and I thought it was pretty clever! To be honest, I actually initially thought of a pinata as it seemed like a fun thing to do. Of course, it seemed hard to find something more baby related of a pinata and I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of making one. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve made one in elementary school, but it seemed more of a bigger project that i wanted to tackle.

A few late night google and pinterest sessions lead me to the smashable heart. It was one thing to settle on the idea, it was another to try and get it done! I googled ‘smashable heart baby gender reveal’ in every possible combination, and got nothing but Valentine’s type hearts. It didn’t deter me though, I mean, it seemed cool and easy enough to do.

Upon more research, i realized that a trip to Michaels was all it took to pull this off and being a resident shopper there, I was then sold on the idea! The silicone mold was abit hard for me to settle on, i mean i could’ve bought it from amazon but i wanted to make it simple and all from one place.

There were a few trial and errors, mostly making the chocolate mold as it was hard to get the edges to settle without cracking from being so thin, but eventually I got it done!

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The inside is also edible, just some pink sprinkles normally used for cupcakes. I think i overdid it on the sprinkles as i had some left over, but i can always use it for future baking needs!

Few tips and lessons from my trial and error if you do decide to try it for your gender reveal:
– Take your time making the chocolate mold, it’s the hardest part; patience is key. I was so impatient that i kept on ruining my mold and spent more time fixing it!
– Eventhough you need to do a second coat of the chocolate once the first coat is fully done, try to drain as much chocolate from the bottom of the mold as you can, as one of the bottoms might be where you smash from, and you don’t want a super hard shell that can’t break!
– Have fun with it and add whatever fillings you want to; I had a small amount of time so I just chose the pink sprinkles, but add some chocolate molds so people can eat it after. Sprinkles are mostly sugar so it wasn’t all for consuming.
– make sure it’s kept in the fridge until you are about to do the reveal so it’s nice and cold and shatters nicely! Also, keep it in a box so when stuff fliess out, you can minimize clean up.

From the expressions in our families, it seemed like it was an enjoyable thing for them as it was for us to see their faces when they found out. I think we made the right choice on how we revealed the gender of our baby. What do you think? Comment below and like if you think you might try it for your gender reveal!

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