Our Baby Gender Reveal

Another week starts again! We recently went to our second ultrasound for baby! I am at 20 weeks now, the halfway point! It seems like it was only yesterday I was feeling nauseous and wondering what I may have eaten and whether it’s given me food poisoning lol. It’s exciting to head to another milestone, finding out the gender! Oh no, we are most definitely not wanting to be surprised lol, I’ve never done well with being surprised. I have been thinking of ways to do a gender reveal for us and for family, one that isn’t extravagant or too big. There have been good ideas and some ideas that just seem very out there!

I found three that were the top contenders for doing our gender reveal:

Balloon popping




Balloons coming out of the box. (it’s an obvious one, you get the idea)

There are a lot of other great ideas, but we’re still trying to keep our options open.  Somehow, with everything that’s going on in the world, we don’t want to necessarily do it up big.  We are happy to share the gender with our friends and family, of course, but maybe in a smaller, more low key way.

We decided on doing more of a low key diy gender reveal, the smashable heart! It’s more commonly used for Valentine’s Day but i thought that the premise could work just as well for a gender reveal!

I have a short clip here of the baby gender reveal which we also had our families join in with their own smashable hearts but we’re only showing our part as they aren’t on social media (and you know, respect for their privacy)

Short clip of the gender reveal!

We had fun smashing and finding out the gender! I’m glad we did something even if it was small, and that have it on video as keepsakes.

I hope you liked it!

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