Pink Dress x Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend; it was certainly great weather for an extra day off! We stayed home and took care of stuff at home and had a relaxing night on the patio on Sunday.

Just a quick recap of the long weekend…

Friday was an errands day, running around to get stuff purchased for our gender reveal and some baby purchases!  It’s the little things these days that excite me, like being able to do a gender reveal that I think is unique (at least in my mind lol) even though not as extravagant.  I thought about different types of gender reveal ideas (which will be on a different post) but settled with a simpler one that also allows me to get my DIY on! I also purchases some cute baby clothes which were a pretty good deal at H&M, and it allowed me to alleviate some anxiety over not having anything done by being able to check things off little by little.

On Saturday, we pretty much had a chill start to the morning, going to our favourite breakfast spot nearby, Helen’s Grill. If you haven’t been, you must go for a visit, they have good food and good service! It’s been one of our favourite spots since before we got married. After breakfast, we took the dogs for a nice walk around Olympic Village and a quick coffee break. It was nice to be able to walk around there since it’s been awhile since we last went there for a walk. The afternoon was abit of a write off as we had a bit of an emergency scare, but things worked out in the end and we just chilled for the rest of the night.

The doodles after my brother left. He kindly came over to give each of them a good walk….and they love him for it.

Sunday was a bit of a chore day, as my husband had to deal with re-grouting our gazebo with sand that hardens and keeps the gazebo tiles stable. The finish product looks great! We also had a chance to hose down some outdoor furniture to clean it up. The gazebo is ready for some summertime use!

We had an early start to Monday as we quickly had breakfast, then off to run errands like dumpster and recycling drop-offs and to Ikea. Once we got home, we went to my MIL house to do a gender reveal then after to my parents’ house to do the gender reveal there.

It was a good weekend, even with some unexpected incidents. It was also a weekend that gave me some time to reflect on our blessings and how thankful we are that we have our health, our doodles and each other, and pretty soon a little baby.

Monday’s outfit details:

| Dress & Bag: H&M | Shoes: Nike | Sunnies: Rayban |

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