Makeup Bag Essentials

Oh hey, it’s Friday! We made it to the end of the week once again!

This post is due to one too many times of running out of the door only to realize that I’ve forgotten important…I’m not talking about lipstick or compact powder important, but hand sanitizer important. When we’re out, we touch many surfaces and as much as I want to run to the public bathroom every single time I open a door, one won’t always be open or available along the way. I wanted to once and for all go through my makeup bag and figure out, what is it that’s really essential in my makeup bag these days? Also, can I still even call it a makeup bag since it’s barely filled with makeup?

Another true story; I was at the mall with my cousin last weekend and I was walking around a store as usual, looking at clothes touching the material and flipping through the racks when I suddenly caught another rack with my wrist and cut it. Wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t think to bring my makeup bag and ended up with a cut and no bandage for it. Under normal circumstances, I would have bandaged it up just to make sure I’m not infecting it while out, but more so in these times that you don’t know what surfaces have a virus that could easily get into your system. I had a tissue bag that I still did carry in my bag and patted it against my cut to ensure that I covered it from the air and surfaces. Luckily for me, I thought of going to customer service in the mall before purchasing a pack of band-aid and they happen to have them. The lady gave me two, which at the time I thought was not needed for one cut, but after washing my hands after going to the bathroom, I quickly realized was lucky she did.

I just had a thought that after I give birth this bag will probably expand due to baby’s needs as well lol.

Please don’t mind my dirty makeup bag, I’ve had it for awhile and haven’t had a chance to wash it. I made the makeup bag and have been partial to it, but it transfers with me to every handbag I use so it’s always in use.

Here are the things I carry in the bag…

Band-Aids – I’ve always been a clumsy person and sometimes manage to injure myself in the most normal of days, like say, going to the mall lol. It’s good to have a bandage handy just in case.  Also, it’s handy to have in case someone else needs it!

Hair ties – I’ve always had longish hair but ever since the salons closed during the lockdown, my hair has been even longer. I’ve been meaning to get it cut but have been lazy to set up an appointment so for now, hair ties are a godsend when I need to get my hair out of my face!

Facial spray – for several years now, I’ve had facial sprays in my makeup bag just to refresh and keep my makeup from looking dry but also to keep me cool during hot days. I used to have Evian but nowadays I just use Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It’s also refreshing and good for the skin. Especially during the summer, I don’t wear more than a light CC cream from IT cosmetics, so I don’t worry about caking my face up which is convenient and just easier to maintain with a face mask!

Compact powder and brush – I carry this in case I need a refresher (though hardly ever used) and also one of the few makeup items I carry in my bag.

Mirror compact – this was from my boss, during his trip to Paris. He gave me and my coworker one each and it’s been my compact mirror in my bag ever since. It’s small and convenient to keep in case I need a mirror!

Advil – for headaches. I used to have advil in there but have since switched it to Tylenol only because the dr recommends it as safer to take while pregnant. I only bring a few with me, just for emergencies. You never know when a headache will hit you.

Lip balm – For chapped lips? Enough said lol.

Duo lash glue – I wear false lashes when I head out, more so before the lockdown than now, but it’s good to have the glue in case it comes off while I’m out or a side loses its tackiness. More often when it starts to come off, I just take it off anyways and put it in the lower part of the compact which is another handy reason to have it.

Duo mini lighting connection – this used to be another important use before the lockdown as I used to work on my video editing while out and about and sometimes you need to charge and continue working (with headphones). I carry it in my makeup bag because it’s so small and tiny that I more often than not have misplaced it.

Kleenex tissue – for anything like sneezing into something or wiping something in your face that’s sensitive to harsh toilet paper. Lol there’s lots of reasons to bring one and handy to have. *

Cottonelle wet wipes – for any unexpected bathroom needs, enough said.

Wet ones antibacterial wipes – for any usual bathroom trips or wiping any surfaces.

Spare face masks in a ziplock bag – it’s become a necessity since the pandemic to carry spare face mask in case I forget mine. It’s even handy to have some in your car as spares (make sure you store in an air-right bag to keep clean!)

Hand sanitizer – because, pandemic.

* Side note: one of my Kleenex tissue bags is starting to run low of tissue so I ended up keeping the band-aids in one of the sides without any tissue just to keep them from being all over the bag. Handy!

Look, there are going to be many instances that a first aid kit or several bags full of ‘what if’ essentials will come in handy (I’m look at you, with the big tote!) but I wanted to pair it down to the things that were more likely to be needed for a usual day out. I get there’s going to be many things we could use for ‘in case of emergency’ purposes but we’ll never be fully prepared for every eventually that comes our way.

Please comment below what you have in your makeup bag and let me know if I’m missing any essentials that you think might also be important!

Have a happy and safe long weekend!

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