Ribbed Dress

Wow, time sure does fly fast! This week marks my 20th week and I’m starting to feel more pregnant! Lol. This summer heat, tho I am thankful the sun is finally out, is at times unbearable! I hope you guys are all keeping safe with adequate sun protection!

I’ve been dressing less fussy lately as my bump gets bigger and I grow less interested in trying to fit into old clothes lol. I’ve been resorting to my staples, my ‘capsule wardrobe’ if you will, in being able to dress for the day. If you are interested in finding out what’s a part of my capsule wardrobe, comment below and maybe I’ll do a blog (or a video? *gasp!*) of it.

Here’s one of those staples…the ribbed tank dress! It was $19.99 (pretax) so it wasn’t too big of a splurge. I wanted to find something even cheaper lol but it’s not a bad price! I just interchange with different toppers and of course, if I can still rock the heels then I will! Lol.

Details: Dress: H&M | blazer: Topshop | heels: Zara | Sunnies: Chanel |

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