Ultrasound during the Pandemic

Pregnancy is hard enough without adding the complication of a pandemic. Many pregnant women (and even new moms) are living through a rather difficult time in our lives as we try to not only go through pregnancy but to have that added stress of the unknown that is the pandemic. Everyday that the confirmed cases rise and rules change in doctor’s offices, ultrasound clinics and labs to get blood work done, it adds on that extra unnecessary risk and stress.

Ever had an ultrasound with a mask on the whole time? I have.

I recently went to my second ultrasound with my husband and rather than have it be a happy moment in my pregnancy, it was compounded with stress and anxiety which, if it weren’t for the ‘new normal’, wouldn’t be there or at least heightened.  When I had called to set up the appointment, one of my main concerns was having my husband there as it was rather stressful and somewhat isolating to not have him in the first one.  I was assured that that the restrictions had loosened and that I would now be able to at least bring one person with me during the appointment, with a mask on.  I was happy to hear it as even with a mask on, it would be better than going through it alone again.  The night before the appointment, I got an automated message confirming my appointment and again, was reassured hearing that I could bring one other person to the ultrasound appointment.

The day arrived and we were ten minutes early and had been stopped at the door by employees there, feeling like lining up for the club with bouncers greeting us at the door.  I was disappointed to hear that initially I would have to be by myself until the end of the appointment when my husband could come in.  This did not sit well with me.  I was disappointed as I didn’t think it would be this way, but I wasn’t about to be a Karen.  Alas, the new normal. I can’t be mad about it either, it’s for our own protection and safety of the staff and other people in there.  Time passed and what seemed like hours as I almost fell asleep during the ultrasound lol and finally after I guess about an hour, I was asked to text my husband to be at the door and the ultrasound tech would meet him and let him in.  It wasn’t the ideal situation to have my second ultrasound but again, the new normal.

I’m not angry or frustrated with the ultrasound place because I know full well why they are taking these precautions. I’m not going to be one of those people that are going to have a tantrum and cry over how unfair it is. I am just saddened that this is now the reality in which one of the happiest events of our lives are happening. At the same time, I am choosing to focus on our baby, our health, our family and just the blessings we have been given despite what’s happening in the world.

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