Floral Blouse x Weekend Recap

Can you believe it’s Monday once again? How quickly time flies. It seems like the weekend just started and I was just enjoying some patio time!

Just a quick recap of the weekend…

Friday was a lovely day, and we had a chance to not only spend some time in the gazebo (finally!) but we were also able to have dinner there which is I think a first this season!

Just our doods enjoying the gazebo!

On Saturday, we started the morning off great with breakfast al fresco on the upstairs patio! I love that we have these spaces in our home that if we needed to do our own “stay at home” time just to stay safe, that we are not only able to have a good home to stay in, but also outdoor spaces for some fresh air! After a walk with our doodles and some chores at home, we finished the day with some home made tortilla pizzas! It was a chill night but a good finish to the day.

Once again, the doods reaping the benefit of some outdoor living!

Sunday as always, is for family dinner. We had vet appointments then dropped them off to our dog-sitter aka my brother lol and went off to the mall for some errands. I am happy to report that we ended up finding and buying our first piece of nursery furniture! The dresser changing table was a good find at clearance price and the colour we wanted! I felt a rush of excitement as it’s the first real thing we’ve purchased for the baby!

Our first baby furniture! *excited face*

Then the rest of the day was pretty much my parents living and spoiling our dogs lol which they live for anyways.

So on to today’s outfit! These two pieces are finds from my closet from last year that I didn’t get a chance to really wear as much as it was bought kind of out of season on sale (classic me lol). The pussy bow blouse has an interesting story behind it really lol. I had hunted it back home and it was out of stock and when we were on a trip to Ireland and london, I had twice tried to find it there only to no avail. By chance around December maybe or even before, it was on a sale rack just one piece left and in my size! I hesitated for a split second as I had just come back from a trip, but decided it was too good of a find to pass up! Plus, it was on sale!

The skirt was a sale find which I wasn’t sure I was going to keep but it was at such a good price I decided to keep it. You may have seen it a time or two style on my instagram.


| Top and shoes: Zara | Skirt: Dynamite | eyewear: Chanel |

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