Crochet Crop Top

Happy Friday!

Where is our summer??  The sunny days are few and far between, making the argument for climate change even stronger and harder to ignore! Don’t worry it won’t be that kind of a post, though it is alarming how our summer is going by with a few bits of sun here and there.  I have yet to see a good stretch of sunshine and it’s making me somewhat sad about not being able to fully enjoy it. 

Anyways, sorry about the short weather rant, it’s really been odd to see rare days of sun when it’s almost mid July.  I am glad though that sunny days or at least today, is here! It’s nice to be able to wear summer appropriate clothes for once. I am taking full advantage of being pregnant and rocking things I wouldn’t otherwise (see last post). Not only are ribbed and fitted dresses my go-to these days for comfort, I am finally living out my dream of rocking crop tops in my 30s! lol.  Sad life, I know. 

After a month or two, I started to research pregnancy fashion, the non-maternity kind, and realized that women are buying maternity clothes later and later in their pregnancies and only what they really need as they are making do with pieces that are pregnancy-friendly without being from the maternity section! This was exciting news for me, as I wasn’t really keen on spending more money on fashion that would only be good for the amount of time I was pregnant, and without being sure I was going to have more than one kid (still up in the air, let me just get through this first one!).  I wanted to see if I could stretch the pieces that I have (figuratively) and work it into my early pregnancy months before absolutely needing to dip my toes in to the maternity ward, which believe me, I’m not mad at either. 

I bought this crochet top from 8th and Main awhile back (go check them out, great clothes! At duh, 8th avenue and Main street). I had this idea in my head that last year was my year to get my body back.  Well, the baked goods took over and I neither wore my crop top or got my summer bod.  A month before I found out I was pregnant, I was starting to get my workouts under control and was starting to feel good about getting my healthy routine back, and then bam! I found out I was pregnant lol.  The news hit me like a ton of bricks, and my dreams of summer bod flew like the start of 2020. 

The skirt is from H&M, a purchase from at least two years ago, and I stopped wearing it as my belly (non-pregnancy) started making me feel uncomfortable but I loved it so it stayed in my closet, waiting to be worn.  I bought a similar ribbed and with a slit from Abercrombie and Fitch lately, which for a sale price of $11 before tax, wasn’t too bad even if it doesn’t get worn after pregnancy.  I’m banking on wearing it throughout until it doesn’t fit!

The blazer is from Zara, really nothing much about it stands out except it finishes the outfit, I think!  I bought it for its Jackie Kennedy-esq style about it.

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