Non-Maternity Pregnancy Outfit

Now that I’ve let everyone in on my secret that’s been on our minds for months, let’s get back to fashion, shall we?

Although I’m excited to be expecting, starting to grow my baby bump isn’t exactly the easiest thing to dress for unless you’ve got a lot of maternity clothes lying around already.  I don’t necessarily want to buy maternity clothes just yet, preferring to fit my wardrobe around my bump for now; I’d like to do this for as long as I possibly can.  There are after all, more important things to buy for baby!

What I love is that while looking in my closet for things to sell and donate, to keep or give away, I also found pieces of clothing that I’ve long forgotten that could totally work for maternity, like this maternity racerback tanktop dress! It was something I’d kept hoping to return to my regular skinny self and had tucked away in the closet depths until I’ve worked myself enough into my old size.  Of course being stretchy and comfy, it was the perfect base layer to creating a non-maternity ‘maternity’ look.

With a few changes, I was able to dress it up for a work day, and down for errands or meeting friends for coffee.

| Dress: Forever 21 | Trench topper: Ever New Canada | shoes: Zara | Sunnies: chanel |
| Dress: Forever 21 | Bomber Jacket: Gap factory | shoes: Nike Cortez | Sunnies: Chanel |

This is my first ootd during pregnancy, or shall I say, two outfits in one?

Let me know in the comments below how you’ve been making your closet staples work double as maternity wear or any other tips for this first time mama!

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