We are expecting!

Last Sunday night, we let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, and announced that we are adding a new addition to the family! We are cautious and excited to be expecting for the first time. I guess I wanted to put my thoughts since coming out with the news.

I was nervous about announcing it to our parents, so much so that I think I had given myself a stress headache that day lol. It’s just nice to be in the bubble with only us and our doodles knowing, but as I am getting more noticeably bigger and more pregnant, after our last doctor’s visit was the perfect time to announce it, we thought. We had worked on the announcement for the night to send the picture order to London Drugs so that I could pick it up the next day. I love that I can send pictures through their Photo Lab app, then just get an email notification when it’s ready. I’ve being using it for years now and I have always found their service quick and easy. (This is not sponsored nor an ad).

Sunday came and the first was letting my mother in law know so we came by and gave her a ‘surprise’ card.  It took her a few minutes to get it lol but after the confusion was the elation.  I found it funny how she was really hoping for a boy.  No big deal, though usually grandparents that have waited for awhile (so they say lol) just want a grandbaby, regardless of the gender.  I assume it has something to do with passing the name on? My mother was funnier as she was back and forth between getting it and confused.  She must have gone back and forth like 3 times or so lol.  She had the card, so my dad and brother didn’t get to see it, but even they got it before my mom did lol.  Of course, in typical paranoia fashion, my parents started telling me to be cautious and do everything but try to wrap me in bubble wrap. That I saw coming lol.

After my parents house we had some time and decided to hang out in the gazebo for abit since it seemed like it may have been one of the last nicer nights before some rain and clouds set in for the week. Hasn’t it been such a weird start to summer? I digress, but honestly, I didn’t think we’d still have this much rain going into July. Anyways, while in the gazebo, we set about trying to craft the announcements which eventually amounted to just posting it and thinking ‘ah to heck with it’ and just hit post. It’s in times like these I’m so thankful for friends near and far that I don’t necessarily get to spend time with or talk to, that they take the time to congratulate us and in some cases, put more than one word comments to our post (which isn’t necessary but sweet nonetheless).

The plants really added a nice touch to the gazebo!

I felt relief that I didn’t have to hide and explain my starting to look like a yacht coming out of lockdown lol. The freedom to wear clothes and not be judged and feeling once again, secure in my body was a good feeling. I am not entirely secure in my body right now but knowing it’s for a reason gives me less of a reason to criticize and pick myself apart like usual. I also feel better about being able to post pictures on the blog about fashion once again, albeit maybe for an entirely new demographic—pregnant ladies lol. I do feel a bit sad that the things I used to wear don’t quite fit anymore at the moment, but I’m given a new sense of hope and excitement over being able to create new outfits that work with my growing belly.

I’ve decided to delay any maternity clothing purchasing and just seeing how my body changes before going nuts in the maternity section lol.  So far I’ve been able to fit in most clothes and it’s just a matter of having to be creative with what I have for now.  I have noticed that there are a few things that I am glad I had I do have a bit of a fear in the back of my mind that since we’ve announced it, that something may happen.  I try to keep that thought far away and stop negative thoughts altogether if I can.  I don’t think it’s something that any expecting parent can really control or stop completely but I try to stay positive and do all I can to keep the little one good.

Since I’m now in my second trimester, I’m glad that my energy is back and that the really bad nausea has mostly subsided.  The first trimester was just bad and I was very glad to be over that hump! A few health issues here and there are still lingering after my last doctor’s visit, but I’m fairly confident in our doctor and she’s been able to answer a lot of my questions – stupid or not lol.  I am glad to have a good doctor by our side to continually tell us what to expect and what needs to be done. 

I guess that’s all my thoughts for now; I’m just excited and scared and other emotions in between. Don’t even show me a dog video (sad or happy) cause it’ll just make me bawl my eyes out. For now, we are happy, cautious and living our lives with the new normal! There are pieces that I have bought awhile back that may work for maternity now, like long overcoats and duster coverings. I did end up buying a new pair of jeans and chinos from Banana Republic, but they were from my size pre-pregnancy and still work now so even after pregnancy, I’m hoping to still be able to wear them.

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