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Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone is enjoying the day of rest on this beautiful, summer day. I have been busy running around after breakfast trying to get some things made and prepared for shipping another item sold from my Poshmark closet. I’ve been somewhat off and on when it comes to putting time into my closet with more things taking priority lately but it feels good to get some stuff sold too.

If you are a Poshmark seller then you know by now that packing the item is the main, important thing but that how you package it also counts. It’s important to put your personal touches to the package by writing a simple thank you note and adding some of your personal flair to packing the item with care to let the seller know that you appreciate their business!

I just wanted to show some of the personal touches I add to my packages. This takes some effort to do, sometimes more effort than simply packing the item, but the good thing is that I enjoy it because it lets me use my creativity in being able to create personal things to add to packaging an item, like creating stickers and thank you cards.

I love letting my creativity flow free!

I still had a good amount of gold foil from the wedding invites years ago and i’ve used it now and then but there’s still a good amount left so why not use it here? It’s great to dig through all my craft supplies so I don’t feel like i’m using more money to create something for packaging. I also had a stack of paper sticker paper from cricut I bought a year ago or so, and while the project idea that i had intended it for didn’t come into fruitition, it’s nice to have this work out! I am able to create stickers (see first pic) personalized for my packages without spending more money. All of this just requires some good sleeve rolling and getting my hands dirty, all of which i’m no stranger to!

The result is some personally made thank you blank cards that I can write in and stickers that i can use to hold down the tissue wrapping. I love being able to do these extra things for those that end up ordering from my closet!

To check out my Poshmark closet please log into Poshmark Canada and my user name is eileena82

Hope to see you there and do business with you, and hopefully you get to receive these personally made touches!

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