Organizing the Pantry

Oh these happy summer days…. with rain and clouds lol.  I am bewildered at the fact that the first few days of summer are a coin toss of rain and clouds, with some occasional sunshine.  Nevertheless, happy summer days!

I’ve been on the fence on whether or not to post this little post as it’s not as insta-pretty as some of the other pictures out there.  I am talking about organizing.  I’ve been nesting lately, even after the lockdowns ease.  To be honest, I was lazy during the lockdowns and Netflix-binged, while after the lockdown ease, I’ve been more motivated to organize and clean.  I think it’s because cabin fever was at an all time high during the lockdown, while having some breaths of fresh air between staying home makes me once again appreciate being home.  Don’t get me wrong though, I am one of those blessed enough to have a home to go to and be comfortable at while awaiting the ease of restrictions.

Anywhoos, back to this little post; I recently took on the tedious project of organizing our pantry which ended up cleaning out lots of cabinets just to re-arrange things that have long been in our kitchen cabinets making home since, well, we got married I think.

I wanted a pantry that had everything food-wise, in one spot, or at least in one whole side of the cabinet.  I hated that when we needed to find something or check what we did or didn’t have before grocery shopping, we’d end up buying mutliples as we never checked all different places that had our food.  Finally, I took out all our food reserves and boy, was I surprised. 

I filled out dining table with all the things in our pantry which took awhile as I had to check every one of them to ensure they were not expired.  Some were from when we first moved into the house after we got married lol but not much.  I was glad to be able to finally sort through all the goods we had to get some handle on our food inventory.   Once I had all the goods sorted and checked, I cleaned out the rest of the cabinets and zeroed in on the spot to have the pantry.  I cleaned the shelves and slowly sorted the products by categories, canned soups, broths, pasta sauces etc.

Here is the finished product of the pantry organization.

Some things I’ve learned from finally getting around to organizing my pantry:

  • A good sorting is needed every once in awhile to ensure you aren’t keeping things past their expiration date.  Even with an organized pantry, it’s good to go through goods so as not get doubles or keep things not wanted.
  • Fit your pantry to your own needs and lifestyle.  Don’t necessarily buy into those big, beautiful pantries that celebrities have on IG accounts like home edits.  Trying to buy to many food reserves if you don’t have children or just have two or less people at home doesn’t make sense and may just end up spoiling before being used.  Our pantry ended up being one shelf of canned goods which I think is good for us two in the house, without kids.
  • Pretty doesn’t mean better.  Again, it’s pretty to have a super cute pantry like the celebs have, but if it isn’t practical for you and your lifestyle, it won’t stay organized and neat.  Think of how you live, how you use the pantry and what works for you.  Unless your pantry is out in the open on display, it doesn’t need to look like a pretty museum, it just has to be organized and neat!

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