I’m back! ..and ready to blog

Happy Hump Day!

First off, if you are a loyal follower and have found your way back to this rare and new post of mine, thank you for being so loyal and sticking by me even though I may have lost my way for awhile.  The past year and a half have been challenging to say the least, and now with the pandemic not quite in our rear-view mirror, it’s a whole lot to deal with! So, I have just been dealing with being in the present and somewhat checked out of my blog world and into reality for a bit.  If you are a new follower and have just wandered on to my little interspace here, welcome! Please stay awhile, peruse and comment! As always, I’d love if we could stay in touch and so if you would like to follow, that would be great! If not, no hard feelings, it was nice to have you here, even if just for a little while!

I am back now though, and hopefully with a newfound motivation (fingers crossed anyways) to once again revisit and maybe take my blog more seriously.  As always, I’ve got lots of ideas and potential posts just roaming around inside my little noggin’, but sitting down and writing them is another beast on its own! Since I last left this little blog of mine, quite a few things have changed, some that I’m not yet quite wanting to reveal, and so it’s a new challenge to manage and keep all the balls in the air, so to speak.

Anyways, as we reach this new normal in life, I wanted to let you know that I am back, I am here and I am present! I see the world in a new light, good and bad and potential for better.  I have hope that we can get past this pandemic together, and as Dr. Bonnie Henry says, by being “calm, safe and kind” [paraphrased].

Thank you for coming by and please, stop by again for more posts and content!

Also, please don’t forget to check out my Instagram to find out about my comings and goings on a more to the minute detail! Lol.  Instagram: westcoastwifestyle

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