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Happy Tuesday!

Recently we went to check out the new restaurant Old Bird on main street — one of many that have been popping up along the street that has long been occupied by antique shops.

We were lucky enough to be able to grab a seat since it wasn’t as busy yet, presumably because we had just gotten a few days of snow dumping. We sat right away, and was quickly served with two glasses of water (which i always appreciate, that i don’t have to ask for it).

We looked over the menu which albiet small, was still pretty interesting compilation of dishes that were familiar enough, but with a twist. I assume that this is due to the Chef’s experience and familiarity with asian cuisine, possibly from childhood memories and tastes.

Clockwork from the top: salt & pepper wings, beef short ribs and humbolt squid

Three-cup Manila clams
Taiwanese beef noodle soup

We went through the menu — very well curated (very paired down as well) and small plates that remind me of dim sum style. Personally, I love small plates because it allows me to choose multiple plates without the guilt of not being able to finish. We ordered the Beef Short ribs, salt & pepper wings, Humbolt squid and the three-cup manila clams to start, and it came in good time. We finished off with the Taiwanese Beef noodle soup.

Taste & Portions

Each of the dishes were flavorfull and delicious; no dishes disappointed in taste. The one thing which my husband pointed out at the end of the meal (which I obviously didn’t catch as I was knee deep in eating lol) was that certain dishes didn’t come hot, as in freshly cooked temperature. The ribs felt slighly cooler, as if it had been cooked awhile back and not freshly cooked as well as the soup, which came in a lukewarm temperature which would have been great as we were able to eat it right away but didn’t seem freshly cooked. I also noticed that the portions are smaller than usual for shared plates. When we first glanced the menu, we saw a good list of items on the menu, ranging from snack, small and share plates. We only grabbed from the last two, and assumed that it would be enough but ended up getting an extra share plate as it didn’t seem enough.


There is a nice, relaxed vibe which i loved about the restaurant. The gorgeous red lanterns above are gorgeous and in my opinion, will be a very instagrammable part of the restaurant. The music they played was great, old schoolr&b music which i appreciated (though maybe not the older couple beside us lol).


The price point in my opinion was slightly high for smaller plates, but nothing too outrageous. Our bill racked up about $100 for 5 items, with only two being the bigger share plates.


It’s a good place to visit along main street if you’re looking for a good restaurant to try. The dishes are good but just slighly on the higher side. The only thing that I thought of was that for the size of the plates, maybe a bigger seleciton would help people have a broader range to choose from. Overall, we enjoyed it and would be back again.

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