Out with the Old for the New Year

Happy Monday!

In the first few weeks of the new year, i’m always in a hibernation mode instead of hitting the ground running with fashion pics and posts. In the new year, I always give myself time to take stock of the previous year and take it all in– the lessons, the wins, the heartaches, everything that happened and to set some goals and envision what the new year will look like. Of course with that, i also do some cleaning, some organizing and with any luck, start the year off right!

One of the things I got into last year was selling pre-loved items that I no longer think fit into my wardrobe and style, and to be able to give them a home with someone that may want them! I have to be honest, at first it was about the money I got from selling my stuff, and it wasn’t much money but it was more than I had before I sold anything. After awhile, it became about being able to give my fashion pieces a new home, new appreciation for their usefulness for someone else. I feel great knowing that the things I no longer used can be used and loved by someone else!

I started off with the consignment store Front and Company. It’s a store that has mixed consigment and new, alot of great clothes and accessories that i thought was most in line with my stuff. I’ve since sold a few things from there and found joy in being able to bring stuff in for sale. It’s also humbled me–thinking that everything I owned was consigment gold! lol. I truly understand that not everything I own will be sellable, and it’s given me perspective in how I look at my clothes, not waiting to see if i end up selling it or not and being too late to be able to sell it.

The second place i’ve found a small success in (albeit slow and small) is Poshmark. It’s recently entered into the Canadian market and I thought i’d test the waters and see if I’m able to find a new medium for my preloved goods. It’s not as fast as it’s an online consignment and it’s harder when there’s a vast market online, but with some luck, you can sell stuff too.

I think that in this age of sustainability in fashion, we’re making great strides in being able to find ways to chip in, even if we’re not thrifters. I am admittedly not a thrifter, but would gladly recycling any clothing I don’t want to keep instead of ending up in the landfill.

Lastly, I’ve also recently gotten into recycling clothing, not resellable ones, but ones that i’m no longer wanting to keep and can’t sell or donate. I think it’s great that retailers like H&M are taking in clothes that people are no longer wanting. It’s great that retailers are taking responsibility in the role they play in the environment and to be accountable by helping to take in clothing that people no longer want. In trying to close the loop, they are helping to keep more unwanted clothes out of landfills.

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