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It’s almost midnight and i can’ seem to sleep so I online-window shop…Admit it, you’d be doing it too if you’re not out partying or enjoying another beautiful, dry night in Vancouver!

Even with the cold weather (even in sunshine) and the unexpected snow falls and snow-rain showers, I am still thinking of sunnier and warmer days ahead. I already have spring/summer on my mind, and so i’ve started compiling some spring/summer worthy pieces that may help keep the mind focused for the season ahead! Tonight, it’s my search for sandals!

I don’t really buy sandals much because i’m more of a sneakers gal, it gives slightly more support and enables me to keep an insole that gives arch, heel and ball of foot support. If you haven’t noticed, i’m all about good feet support! There are times though, that the days get so hot and depending on where we end up, that sandals are just the right accessories to finish an outfit, in a way sneakers can’t.

If you’ve seen my past posts, i’m a big gladiator sandals fan, love them. I think it just elevates any outfit from just any ho-hum summer dress into a eye-catching outfit. I’ve notived though, that I haven’t gotten a good pair of regular short sandals and so I thought this would be a good time to take a look! i wanted a simple pair, nothing too flashy (i know, weird for me!) and would work for casual as well as slightly dressed up outfits. Here are my final options:

All photos directly from Aldo Shoes Canada site.

  1. Richland $70 CAD – I love gladiator sandals, so this was a clear option. It’s a shorter ankle length version of my knee-high gladiator sandals.
  2. Campodoro $65 CAD – The gold version of #8. It’s a gorgeous rose gold color and would work very well for day as well as night. I like the single strap for ease of putting on and taking off.
  3. Toawen $65 CAD – A cute sling-back sandal, i think that the beauty of this sandal is its simplicity. It’s got no straps and gives you the length by giving unobstructed view from your legs to your feet.
  4. Agrerinia $70 CAD – This is a fun sandle that also gives you the height with its platform heel. It’s totally giving me 90s vibes.
  5. Eterillan $65 CAD – This is a similar version of #2 but instad of having the the ankle strap, the strap goes across the front of your feet in an angle. I like it’s simplicity and the white color just screams summer chic!
  6. Miroeniel $55 CAD – wow, this is like the sandals version of Ikea with these names! I chose this as an option because the multi-colors in pastel allow for some color when wearing summer white dresses and it can be paired with a lot of summer outfits!
  7. Galaradeb $ 70 CAD – This is a nice and easy pair with it’s quick slip on/off of having a stretch back strap. No need to lace up and put into a buckle, just slip on and go!
  8. 8. Campodoro $65 CAD – This is the camel colored version of #2. I like this color as it’s a lovely neutral shade to pair with summer outfits from the white summer dresses to safari styled outfits. I love it!
  9. Cibrylla $60 CAD – This is another one of those sandals that I think would work from day to night with it’s shiny finish and neutral shade. I love the strap going across at an angle, it looks different from the regular ankle strap.

I know that I didn’t give much technical info on these, some are leather some are synthetic material but I wanted to give you more of my thoughts on each as I saw them. If you notice, most of them (if not all?) are simple and yet still gives a classy look to elevate any outfit. If you noticed that there is only one pair of thong sandals, it’s because I’m not so much a fan. I’d rather have the slip-on type as i think the thong version ends up annoying me after awhile.

I hope that I gave some nice options for you as well, at least to think about when looking for your next pair of sandals! Read more about each of them on the Aldo website.

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