It’s back to the grind but I haven’t fully recovered from the weekend.  It seems that the older I get, the longer the weekend hangovers are to subside lol. While I love a good fashionable strut back to work, the first two days are always abit of a rush back into the groove of things IRL.

While I love a good pair of flats (a more practical alternative to my usual stilettoes) I’m not a big fan of the usual pair of ballet flats that I used to rock as one of my die-hard work shoes.  While I do still keep a pair or two, I’ve converted to the ever-stylish and tomboyish counterparts of oxfords.  I have two particular pairs of oxfords (three but I can’t seem to find one of them atm) that are in my current work wear rotation, which are my recent purchase of silver oxford brogues from Banana Republic and my Forever 21 black and white oxfords which I love and will probably wear to death.  While I don’t an

Waistcoat: BCBG Sweater: H&M Faux Leather pants: Zara Shoes: Banana Republic Bag: Chanel

Blazer & Pants: Zara Belt: Banana Republic Bag: Coach Shoes: Forever 21

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