Lonsdale Quay

Winter days can be tough, with the snow, rain and darkness that can loom over not only the city but over people.  People often await the arrival of spring when the days get longer and brighter.  When the clouds part and the snow stops, however, the city isn’t such a bad place.  I often get giddy over sunny days, no matter what the season, and I get the itch to explore the city.

Coat & Sweater: Banana Republic Jeans; Forever 21 Blazer: Zara Bag: Danier Leather

On this day, I’ve managed to drag my husband down to Lonsdale Quay for the afternoon and explore! I love heading down on a nice, sunny day—It’s a lovely place to take a stroll, shop the market and get some good tourist-worthy shots of Vancouver from across the water!

If you can, avoid driving there (even though we did) as parking can get pretty hard, especially on a nice day like this (even more so during summer). Taking a short seabus ride from downtown Vancouver will bring you directly there!

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