Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hate it or love it, it’s the national day of Love and it’s a time for some to go all out and show their special someone how much they’re loved or head out with their besties and celebrate singledom.  Being married, it’s easy for some to assume I’d be all excited for this day but I’m not much into the holiday as I like the idea that celebrating love on random, non-specifically marked days is the way to go (at least in my opinion).  With the day being so close to my birthday, sometimes we combine days and just celebrate my birthday instead!

While I may not be big on the holiday, I know some of you may have special plans (which is awesome, cause love should be celebrated!) and I thought i’d put together some outfits in case you may need inspiration!

Top: H&M Pants: Dynamite Shoes: Aldo

A good pair of faux leather pants is a staple in my winter wardrobe, and it’s a good piece to wear for your Vday date night, i think.  It can give an outfit the edge and paired with a good top, can look just savage on a date.  During fall/winter, I feel like i almost always either stick to an all black palette or all white.  Of course because this is a Vday outfit, I put it together with my red boots, to add that pop of red!

Blazer and shoes: Zara Skirt: H&M Belt: BCBG

I love peplum blazers, for those of us still working on the holiday pooch! lol.  This is a great day to night outfit, great for work and straight to dinner!  Tweed blazers work for winter weather, and again, the faux leather adds a touch of edge to an otherwise conservative outfit.

Blazer and Pants: Zara Lace Cami: Abercrombie & Fitch

For fall/winter, I tend to stick to black and white and hence this next outfit.  It combines my love for black and white, as well as tuxedo pieces! I’d consider wearing this for my birthday as well! It’s sort of a masculine, androgenous take on semi-formal.  Think Blake Lively in the movie “A Simple Favor” (simply obsessed with suits and that movie just intensified my love for suits!)  The lace cami oozes sexy (give him/her that lingerie vibe) and the tuxedo blazer dresses it up for a nite out!

Cami: Abercrombie and Fitch Skirt: Banana Republic Blazer: Forever 21 Shoes: Steve Madden

Clearly I look like I can’t dance in the second pic lol.  This is a fun outfit, giving you the gatsby flapper vibes with the fringe skirt and the sequined blazer just gives you that extra bling! it’s the same lace cami which works for this outfit as well (it looks like a dress without the blazer!) It’s a fun little number that will be a hit for a night out!

All these pieces are from my closet and some are pieces I’ve had for awhile but its what’s great with shopping for pieces that stand the test of time, they can be restyled over and again.

I hope that these outfits gave you some inspiration in what to wear for whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day!


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