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Happy Hump Day!

I feel like i’m alone in loving the sudden forecast of snow that has graced our often mild-weathered city.  I love a good snowfall, especially during the holidays or sometime during winter, will do.  I’ve been in the process (and boy, what a long process it is!) of cleaning out the closet and have been thinking of my shifting style in the last half a decade, in my 30s.  While I still like a trend or two, I’ve shifted more to classics and essentials as the main staples of my wardrobe.  I’m noticing that while trends are cute, the classics tend to stay in my wardrobe rotation.

This post explores some of my favorite outerwear on rotation for fall/winter season.  I love outerwear because it allows me to look fashionable during the colder season when most of the time, people would see your outerwear most of the time.  I picked up this very important tip from the royal family, always looking ever so dapper and polished even during the colder season.  I know that for some, jackets and coats become a means to sheltering your fashionable self from the cold, but why not look good even when out in the cold?

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite winter wear…

The Black Wool Coat

I’m ever so obsessed with a good wool coat that can work for both casual and dressed up occasions.  I believe that a good quality coat is an essential piece to every woman’s wardrobe.  If you are a minimalilst (which I clearly am not) You would want to pick a good timeless wool coat that can withstand the test of trends and can work with any occasion.

This Wool Trench from Banana Republic has been my most latest acquisition but has long been a quest of mine to find.  I love a good trench coat for fall but wanted to be able to transition the style to winter throughout the colder days.  It was quite a pricey acquisition as i’ve noticed that their coat pricing has gone up, assuming due to the wool mills they’re sourcing from, Italy.  Pricey as it may have been, it was a good buy as it’s a good quality coat that is quite warm and is a classic piece that will be in my closet for a long time.

I love a good peplum or fit and flare — which this coat has.  It’s quite a classy coat, works for more dressy occasions.  It’s good to have for special occasions like the holidays or special nights out.  This was from Zara, few years back but it’s been a mainstay in my coat staples for years as it never seems to go out of style.  Do yourself a favor and get a stylish but practical (think warm) coat that will elevate your style during winter.  Chances are, it will be the first thing people will see, or all that they see if you keep your coat on.

The double breasted coat — another classic black staple coat that never goes out of style.  It works with any outfit, any occasion.  this one is from Aritzia, found at the warehouse sale.  It’s such a gorgeous, warm coat that came in handy in New York.  The only pet peeve I have for this coat is that it seems to attract alot of lint, which happens to even to the best coats, and hardly a deal-breaker.

White Coat

I am a big fan of whites and cream shades so it’s no surprise that one of  my coveted pieces for winter is a white coat.  This is the white version of the wool trench coat, also from Banana Republic.  It’s a gorgeous and practical coat that was as pricey as the black wool trench, but also as warm.  If you are a fashionista and love a good coat, a nice white coat can give you the crisp, clean style of winter whites.  Also, think, Jlo from Maid in Manhattan wearing all white, gorgeous, no?


Down Parka

Not every winter outerwear will be a sleek looking one.  There are times that a down jacket will outweigh any reasons you may think a coat will do.  Sometimes, a good down jacket will just give you the necessary warmth that you need to get through the day.  This one is from Gap and is a decent weighted down.  There are times (like an early morning errand) that I feel a good down jacket will be good to keep me warm and casual to get my day going.

Any fashion blogger will tell you that a faux leather outer with a faux fur lining moto jacket is a closet outerweawr staple.  This jacket is surprisingly versatile and warm and any wonder that it’s making its rounds on instagram posts.  When I first bought it (this one is from Zara) I wan’st sure that I wanted to keep it, but it’s warmed up on me…get it? lol stupid joke.

A camel coat is such a closet staple that I can’t imagine not having it a part of mine! I’ve had the same camel coat for a long time and very recently replaed it with this beauty from Zara.  A flattering color and cut, it goes everything due to the neutral shade.  I love that it can be dressed up for work and then dressed down for casual weekend wear.  It’s truly an integral part of my winter outerwear wardrobe and certainly gets its share of wear.

The teddy coat, another recent purchase is like a warm hug on a cold day.  I love this, it’s so cozy and it elevates even my casual outfits.  It’s more of a luxe buy, like this topshop find, but it’s still worth its weight in purchase!

That’s my outerwear staples and must-haves which keep me warm throughout the winter season and I hope that you found something here that you can either add to your wardrobe or reinforce a purchase you are just not quite sure works.

What are your winterwear must-haves?


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