Cleaning out the closet

Happy Friday! I hope your week has gone great, and if not, that’s what the weekends are for! I can’t believe we are going into the last days of January.  Can you believe we are almost into February?  Time goes by so fast.  My New Year’s goals are best intentions just unrealized, one of them being organized.  Like the rest of the world, I’ve recently watched ‘The Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and it has given me the motivation to do what I’ve wanted to do since the end of last year, get organized!

While I find that Marie Kondo’s technique is great as it gives you that snapshot of everything you own clothing-wise, it can be unrealistic if you are working and have other priorities such as families that can get in the way of binge-tidying.  I would love (actually I wouldn’t lol) to just organize my clothes all day without interruption for days, but alas, it just can’t be so.

I’ve been slowly going through all my clothes though, just like Marie would, and going through each one of my blazers to see if I get that ‘spark’ and get rid of those that just don’t.  While I didn’t think I’d be an ace at this, I certainly had a hard time with deciding on what to let go.  There’s a lot of history in my clothes and memories attached, so I wasn’t sure if I was holding on to the clothes because they gave me that spark, or if it was the spark of the memory that I was holding on to.


Like this one, the cape blazer i’ve had my eye on for a long time, but couldn’t afford until I was able to find it in vegas, in the sale rack! I was so overjoyed to have found not only the blazer but also that it was reduced in price.  I thought it was my best find on the trip.


This was one that I sadly had to let go, my very first suit purchase.  No, it wasn’t for a funeral…I wanted a suit in a classic color that can go with anything, and black seemed like a good color for a first suit.  I wore the pieces more as separates than as an actual suit but it’s well worn and loved.  I will miss this, but with all good things, it has sadly gone past it’s expiration date (and doesn’t fit lol).

I’m done with this massive clothing overhaul, not even close.  If anything, I’ve barely scratched the surface and am still going through everything with careful consideration and the thought of gratitude and thankfulness for the things I’ve decided to give away.

Follow me on this journey to “clean out” the years of clothes both good and bad decisions and come face to face with what works and doesn’t.

Are you on the Konmari bandwagon?

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