My Black Friday Finds!

Happy December!

For my american friends, i hope that your thanksgiving was great and that you found some awesome deals for Black Friday! I found some great deals myself on this side fo the border so it was a win for me!

I just wanted to share my Black Friday deals:

Let me start with what I found in store…

  1. White blouse – It’s my firm belief that a white blouse goes a long way for a staple wardrobe when you are a working woman, especially in an office.  I have found that H&M is a good place to shop when it comes to blouses that are great an very approriate for a workplace.  I’ve found some in the past that have been part of my workplace wardrobe.
  2. Shearling and faux suede jacket – This was a steal at $40 from $99.99 regular price.  It’s not the warmest but it’s warm and cute! It’s a good coat that can go from casual to dressy.  Luckily shearling and faux suede jackets are in season so it will be well used!
  3. Sweater Dress – I’ve been looking for a black sweater dress for awhile and finally I found this one at Dynamite! It’s great for work or a casual date night out and it’s another one of those staple piecs that get a lot of use in my wardrobe.  I only have one in khaki anad white though so finding a black one rounds out my cozy knitted staples for fall and winter!
  4. Sequined Jumpsuit  – this wasn’t a sale find, but it was one that was a steal because it was less than $100 and I had been looking for an oufit for a christmas party! I like it when things come together so easily! I find that instead of a dress this year, i’d change it up so when i saw this hanging, I knew that was it!

What i’ve found online…

5. Grey knee high boots – i’ve been looking for this for a long time! I really wanted a light grey one ever since seeing so many bloggers with them and I love lighter colours so of course i went i search! I ended up buying this and an olive green, which I’m unsure if i want to keep.

6. Ever New Chloe Shearling coat – I am so in love with this.  There’s a slight chance this may not totally keep me warm this winter, but the cutest coats usually don’t lol.  This just arrived today and it looks every bit as gorgeous.  Find the right shearling and it becomes part of your staple casual weekend wear!

7. Double Breasted Coat – I’ve had the same camel coat for awhile so I was excited to find the style and cut that i’ve been wanting.  I had a camel coat previously which had become pretty worn and starting to tear in the lining so it’s great to find one to replace it with! I originally bought another coat online but I didn’t quite like the cut so I returned it for this which I found and bought in store.

8. Ankle Boots – As a fan of chanel, i love a good black and white colorway.  These shoes remind me of them and they look simple and classy enough for the office.

I didn’t set out to find many items at the mall or online but I do love finding key pieces that i’ve been looking for to round out my closet.   I’m in that time in my life that my closet is going through some changes as I transition from what my lifestyle used to be in my 20s to now.  I wish I could say it’s just since i’ve been married but I’ve been long resisting giving up some pieces from my youth, i guess in an effort to hold on to the memories.  I’ve found lately that change can be a good thing and that my wardrobe has finally caught up to who I’ve become now versus hanging on to the old things that don’t fit my lifestyle or my style.

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