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Happy Friday!

I can’t believe that it’s mid November already! Where does the time go? Pretty soon, it will be socially acceptable to start playing christmas music and rocking those ugly sweaters without shame! I am pretty happy that my newest purchase has finally come in the mail (Canada Post strike got anyone in a bind?). It’s my new winter boots! I was researching the type of winter footwear to buy since I retired my beloved ugg boots (yes, I was one of those girls that rocked them!) which can keep my feet warm and dry throughout the winter weather.  It actually took me some time to figure out which type of boots would work for me as I considered different options, some actually making the final cut before I finally chose my new boots.

Have I peaked your curiosity yet? lol. It’s my new Sperry Women’s Powder Icecap Winter boots.

I actually started with the Converse Counter Climate hi-tops.  My husband has the same pair and had told me how it actually worked well with keeping the rain out so I was intruiged.  I missed the chance to pick it up while we were in Portland where he picked his up so I decided to research to see if i could pick them up back at home.  The more I researched it, the more I realized two things: it’s expensive back home and I may have considered it for the wrong reasons.

Even though the converse counter climate has good reviews, it just didn’t fit my wardrobe.  I do have a few pairs of converse shoes, but I usually like going for boots during the winter time (hence, the ugg boots) and slightly higher than what hi-tops can give me.  This lead me to switch gears and look for something that would fit better with my style.

I ended up at sportchek and I actually narrowed it down to three choices:

Sorel Women’s Whitney Tall Lace II – picture from Sportchek
Sorel Women’s Whitney Short Lace Boot – pic from Sportchek

Sperry Women’s powder icecap boots

I must admit, I was somewhat going for aesthetics, wanting to get a pair of boots that didn’t look too much like hiking boots nor winter boots.  I liked that these all provided insulation through thinsulate (for sperry) and 200g insulation for sorel.  Lastly, I also chose these three as they were all around the same price point ending up around $100-$120 after the friends and family sale at Sportchek at the time I purchased my boots.

Ultimately, I ended up getting the Sperry boots.  I think it reminded me of my uggs and they were the least expensive out of the three and shopping by clicking into my  <a href=”“>ebates  account, I earned an extra 3% cash back.  I’ve attached the link so you too can shop and earn cash back!

I’ve yet to fully try on these shoes but just from trying them on, it felt nice and cozy!  I will do a full review once i’ve worn it and fully christened it in Vancouver’s fall/winter weather!

This is not a paid post, but does have a referral link for ebates.

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