Layer up!

Happy Friday! I am happy to be home after a stressful week at work.  I have to say that the days have been getting colder each day and now more than ever I’ve made sure that I have my layering essentials to keep me warm!

While the best way to keep warm indoors, like the office or at the mall, is to layer a few pieces together, the same may not work so well outdoors.  This is where my thermals come in.  I have different types for whatever activity I may be doing, like a thicker thermal top for when I’m staying outdoors like going to the Festival or Lights or the Christmas Market.; I will use my thinner waffle thermal top underneath my sweaters or long sleeved tops if i’m just wanting to make sure I keep warm at the office.

Here are my favorite thermals…


T-Max Heat Thermals from Wind River

I bought a pair of each last year with the sudden arrival of snow (which we don’t see much with our Vancouver winters) which left me cold and grumpy lol.  These have kept me warm during out outtings to Van Dusen for the lights, and even the train ride at Stanley park! I love the plush fleece, it’s my fave layering piece! I get all the warmth and none of the itch!  I also love their thermal super soft pants, omg they were so comfy I ended up wearing them to breakfast out one time! I know, embarassing.  Though in my defense, it was only a few doors down so it wasn’t too bad.  You can choose the type of thermal: be it fleece or microfibre, and layer to your heart’s content! Plus, with this weekend’s Black Friday Sale at Mark’s, you can buy it for an extra 20% the regular price! You’re welcome.


Old Navy

Another favorite of mine that I first bought last year, I found them again this year and on sale! It was part of Old Navy’s sale last weekend (which may still be going on this weekend). I find that these go well underneath button downs and sweaters and keep me warm without the bulk.  They come in a variety of colors so you can choose your fave!  The best part about these thermals? they’re just $14.94! It can keep you warm and not break the bank!

They aren’t much, but I try to stay to my time-tested favorites! If you have any recommendations, please comment below! I’d love to try other brands and styles!


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