What’s in my bag Wednesday

Happy Hump day! I’m happy to have reached the midpoint of the week as it’s been quite busy at work lately.  I was unpacking and repacking my big, black hole of a bag in order to look for something and thought that it may be a good opportunity to do a post!  I change my bag from time to time but have found my Kate Spade bag to be my favorite when it comes to work as it allows me to bring everything I need and more to work.  To be honest, I don’t need much for work but having a few essentials to have when things come up certainly helps!

Since hardly much changes in my bag, i’ll talk about the staples that is in my bag for most any occasion I step out.

Wallet – a must! I used to have a big zip wallet that holds all my cards, cash and coins but lately, I’ve resorted to carrying a coin purse or my cardholder to hold the few cards and coins I may need.  I’ve also found that having the app called ‘stocard’ helps with storing points card numbers so that I can ensure I never forget to earn my points!  I have to admit, when i first started carrying a smaller wallet, it was hard to pair down to a few cards that I thought i’d need but it’s really helped to free space in my bag and I’ve since found that I don’t really have a need or desire for a bigger wallet.  With that said, i do have my eye on an nice YSL wallet that is half the size of my former large wallet, but only time will tell if i do end up getting it!

Sunglasses – You never know when the sun will show itself in Vancouver, so I always come prepared with my favorite sunnies.

Glasses – I’ve found my eyesight to not be as good as it used to be so it comes in handy when needed.  I used to leave a pair at work so I didn’t have to always bring a pair, but i’ve found that even simple tasks such as watchig TV now requires a bit of help with glasses.

Granola Bar – it’s my go-to for hunger, when i’m on the go and can’t stop for a bite to eat.   I almost always bring one, cause you never know when you might get hungry!

Battery Pack – this has been a lifesaver! I find that my phone battery never really lasts through the day anymore, which I believe has to do with my using it for listening music and am on it just about anytime i’m out and waiting around so I can understand why.  It never hurts to have a back-up for emergencies.  I’ve recently found myself without my phone when I was at the mall and found out how important a battery pack (and a working cable) can be as i was at the mall without a phone and needed to reach someone for an event!

Makeup bag- This was a diy project I had which turned out so well i decided to keep it for myself and use it!  It doesn’t really hold alot of make up but more essential stuff like my inhaler, a perfume (in case it’s needed, a pen (which seems out of place, i know) hair ties and other stuff I may need. I try to keep my makeup minimal so as not to have to retouch throughout the day.

Journal and pens – I’m a bullet journal failure but i still try to do it anyways! I love the old style of having an book organizer with pens to write with and get creative with.  I love being able to design my own journal.

While i don’t necessarily show it here, an umbrella is one thing I almost always carry in my bag as well.  You just never know when the Vancouver rainfall will get you!

Thank you for taking the time to check out and see what’s in my bag these days.  I hope it’s given you ideas on what you think you may need to keep in your own bag to survive the work day!

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