Mad for Red Plaid

I’m not sure if it’s my days in catholic school that just brings back memories of plaid skirts but i’ve always loved them.  It could also be that Clueless is one of my favorite movies and i love the plaid that Cher wore in the movie and this red skirt reminds me of it.

| Beret & Boots: Aldo Turtleneck & Blazer: J Crew Skirt: H&M |

I love that it’s pretty inexpensive, at $29.99 at H&M it feels like a good quality skirt and good weight to it, while not breaking the bank.  I also like that fact that this skirt isn’t too short–and the length actually ending where I want it to be.  If the color combo isn’t your thing, here are a few others that may work for you like the Patchwork Mini skirt from Zara or Forever 21.

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