More glow…at Harvest Glow Langley!

Did you have a great weekend? I had a glowing weekend…get it? lol.  I went to two events for Glow, one at Vancouver and Langley.  It’s one of many Halloween themed events around Vancouver that’s great for all ages!

We started our day at around 4 as we were running late for the day…I knew that the longer we started to head down there, the later we were going to get there and there was a chance it would throw our whole time up.  Queue lesson #1: Make sure you give yourself enough time to get down to where you are heading, especially if it’s a popular event and that there is a timed entry.  Good thing we chose the latest entry (that’s because the other time slots were also full lol) as it gave us time to eat dinner beforehand; which is also a good segway to lesson #2: make sure to have an idea of the area by researching places to eat.  We didn’t quite research the area because we originally planned on going to Olive Garden for dinner.  Of course we also planned on heading down there an hour earlier than when we actually got there.  We ended up at Boston Pizza which was still good, but it took an hour to seat our party and we almost ended up missing the Harvest Glow altogether.

Once we did go in to Harvest Glow, the fun began!

Harvest Glow is an indoor even which makes it very family friendly! It’s very kid-friendly with petting zoos, playgrounds and interactive activities like the corn maze and indoor mini golf.  While we steered clear of any lineups (lineups ran long!) we did check out the place and had fun doing the corn maze that we even got slightly competitive at it! Nothing like a good, friendly competition!

| Leather jacket: Danier Leather (old) Shirt: Eddie Bauer Jeans: Zara Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Bag: Chanel |

I liked all the decor which gave us ample opportunities to take pics! From the indoor pumpkin patch to the hopscotch lights.

I would recommend this to any families wanting to make a day out of halloween/fall activities and make great memories of it! The only downside is that if you live in Vancouver, it’s a bit of a drive.

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