Van Dusen Glow

Happy Friday! In what seems to be another day of sunshine and warmth for fall, i can’t help but get all giddy for the weekend.  I had spent the day cooped up in a classroom for a seminar so you can imagine the excitement I had once I went outside to be greeted by sunshine!

Tonight was the first night in Van Dusen’s annual Glow in the garden.  It’s a night of firsts as it’s the first night of the event and it’s our first time there this year.  We usually only go there during Christmas for their Festival of lights (which i’m super excited for!) so I was looking forward to checking out their Halloween event.  The tickets can be bought ahead of time on their site, and you can choose your entry time to ensure minimal wait times.  I noticed though that the gradual timed entry made the entrance pretty much free and clear so we didn’t have to waste time in line.

We started off our walk with Hansel and Gretel–it was complete with the story boards (literally, the story was written on boards) and to get the feel fo the story, you followed along and read the boards.  I didn’t bring my glasses tonight so I decided to just enjoy the decor.

I was clearly suprised that they go all out for this as much as they do for their Christmas event, and I noticed that there were way more kids for this one than I usually see for Christmas, but it’s fair considering it’s a great event to take the kids to.  I noticed though that they didn’t use the house that they usually use for Santa’s workshop which i was abit disappointed about.  I think with a little imagination and decor, they could have turned it into a nice haunted house, or, dare i say it? a cash-grab photo booth area.

After walking around the cemetery, the various pumkin carvings which were great as they were so intricate and creative, we went to truffles to get some warm refreshments and sit by the patio.  I love their patio, it’s nice and comfy, and the night was cool enough but not too cold to enjoy it with warm coffee in hand.  After finishing our coffee, we decided to walk around the rest of the garden that we hadn’t walked by, and then ended the night with japadog.  It was delightfully suprising that they were there, and was packed full of people in the beginning of the night.

| Beret: H&M Jacket: Aritzia (Neelam) Sweater Dress: Forever 21 Over the Knee Socks: Roots (wool) Wellies: Hunter Boots |

All in all I would say that it’s worth the $12.50 admission and great while the dry weather is holding up as it’s a rain or shine event.  I wouldn’t wear nice footwear as parts of the garden are on dirt and maybe even some mud.  I would say that the best time to go would be either the 6:30-7:30pm or the 7:30-9pm to avoid the bigger crowds and to get the best out of the ‘glow’ experience.  I think that if you don’t mind that it’s not dark out, 4:30 entry would be best for younger kids, although I did see some smaller kids tonight anyways as it’s a friday.  Dress comfortably and for warmth as it can get colder progressively through the night, although it wasn’t too bad tonight.

Comment below on what other fun Halloween activities you’ll be attending to get into the halloween spirit!


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