Gingham for Afternoon at Van Dusen

On this rainy night, i think about the sunny weekend that has just passed with happy thoughts and reminisce how wonderful it was! I knew that rainy days were brewing so I decided to make the most of the beautiful weather outside.  On saturday I had a nice brunch at Burgoo with my cousin, celebrating Cinco de Mayo with (of all things) Lamarca Prosecco, grilled cheese with a side of tater tots.  I’m not sure if you’re thinking ‘what the heck?’ but to us, it was just heavenly! If you are around Main street, pop by Burgoo and enjoy their delish comfort food!   During the night time, I went out to dinner and drinks with the hubby at Yaletown.  I have to say, I am disappointed by the subpar service considering where we were, but the company was good so it wasn’t a total loss.

On Sunday, we had an appointment with a bunch (or gaggle?) of doodles for our doodle’s very first Vancouver Doodle Romp at Spanish banks.  It was awesome to see other doodles and meet up with doodles from instagram we had followed.  I hope to bring him to many more in the future!

| Top: Topshop | Skirt: J Crew | Gladiator Sandals (old) | Bag: Chanel | Sunnies: Raybans |

After the doodle romp, we dropped off the doodle at home for a quick visit to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens as part of the Tourism Challenge.  We had lunch at Truffles and then took advantage of the free admission for two! It was nice to be back to where we had our wedding couple of years back.  It was great to walk down memory lane!

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