Covet: Theory Blazer

Happy Tuesday!

I know it’s late to the game considering this story about Meghan Markle’s trendy and apparently risky blazer has been making the media rounds for awhile.  I loved the style not just because Meghan Markle wore it but also because it is a fresh take on a blazer and the off the shoulder trend.  I think that along with Katherine Middleton, she brings her great fashion sense to the family.  I know that i’ve certainly taken a few tips from the Duchess of Cambridge here and there (I love that she wears fashionable coats and her dresses, love) so why not Ms. Markle?

I love a good blazer, that i’ve shown.  I find that a good blazer can round out an outfit and a classic piece can be a good investment worn over and again with different outfits on different occasions.  I have to admit though that after a while, the same blazer with lapels can seem boring so a blazer that combines the every trendy off-shoulder style with the classic blazer (and pattern) is just the fresh take that is needed!

Luckily for everyone, the blazer is available in Black once again! Of course the regular price of $475 is not within everyone’s budget (though it’s now on sale for $190).  If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, i’ve recently purchased the Zara version for $99.90 (pretax).  It’s a nice fit and half the price.  I’m not looking to find the exact blazer that she has (though it would be nice) but one that is inspired by, works for me!

I love the fit, though i feel like I may need to lose a few inches off the waist lol.  It’s made to be fitted so if unsure, it’s always good to grab the larger size.  Fairly similar right?

I love finding pieces that are inspired by those worn on our fave celeb crushes so let me know when you find good dupes!

Happy Shopping!

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