Weekend Update: Coffee date and dog grooming

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Despite the on and off rainy weather, it was still not a bad weekend considering the dry or sunny breaks.  I had a relaxing weekend just running errands and spending time with loved ones which is always a good weekend.

Saturday was a good day, starting the day off with a breakfast at our local diner joint and then off to the groomers for our fur baby, Branford.  We’ve been letting his fur grow out since Christmas but my springtime allergies getting worse, the noticeable increase in the shedding (his fur was everywhere!) and just warmer days ahead made it seem like a good time to get groomed.

While waiting for the call to pick up our fur baby, we ended up going to the Starbucks Reserve in the neighborhood for some coffee (more like dessert coffee!) for an afternoon coffee date!

view from the patio. It was a beautiful afternoon despite the cloudy weather.

Two affogatos! deeelish!

I love coming to this branch, it’s the only one in Vancouver to serve more than just the regular menu.  While I’m not too adventurous as to try every new thing on the menu, it’s nice to be able to get an affogato or a nitro brew float!

It was a nice enough day that since it was packed full of people inside, we were still able to sit outside on their patio.  The only thing that I wish they did was allow pets as i would love to be able to hang out with Branford there.

After coffee, we decided to stop for some pics around the ‘hood.  I love the neighborhood that we live in, it’s so beautiful and serene.  I love the way the trees curved and made the road look like a cave decorated with leaves.  It’s one of my favorite areas to take a walk with the dog.

| Jacket: Aritzia | Crew neck sweatshirt: Forever 21 | Jeans: Banana Republic | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Tory Burch | Sunnies: Raybans |

Just as we came back, we got the call that our lil’ pup was ready for his pick up! We couldn’t wait to see the little furball.

It may not be much of a day but I wouldn’t have thought to spend it any other way!

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