Birthday: Lace and Satin

Another year older, not quite sure if I feel wiser! lol.  I had a quiet but meaningful birthday this year, which is such a change from my annual celebration in Las Vegas.  This year, I’ve postponed my trip until a later date and so it’s a quiet dinner with the hubby and family for the weekend.

Saturday night was a quiet dinner with the hubby at Earls Fir street.  We decided on it last minute as we hadn’t made any reservations.  I wanted to get abit dressed up but didn’t want to make too much of a fuss over it so we were either going to Cactus or Earls and decided on Earls since we hadn’t been there in awhile.  When we had walked in for dinner it was slightly chilly but dry, and by the time we had left it was snowing! What a difference an hour makes!  It was a good simple dinner with my loved one.  After dinner, we went back home to have movie night with the doodle.  A good way to end the night!

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