2018: My Vision Board

Hi All!

Are you as excited as I am that it’s nearly the weekend? I’m pretty excited as the week has been a tough one for me….then again, it’s been like that for the last little bit! lol.  I’m also excited to head off into the weekend because it will give me a chance to work on my Vision Board!

Have you heard of it? I’m sure you have, they are an exciting and motivating way to set goals and think about what you want for the year and to visualize it! I decided to create one for this year to seriously set some goals and focus on some life choices i’ve made for myself in the coming year.  I’ve always wanted to do one but never really knew how or carved some time to give it a serious try.  I never realized how much it helps hone in what you want out of your life and to just discard the noise that comes from everyday life!

Before I started it, I thought that it was going to be a quick day or so and I’d have it down and done.  Little did I know that it will open a pandora’s box into doing some soul searching and really get in touch with what it is I really want in life.  It’s fine to cut out some quotes and some things, material things, i’d want in life but it’s more than that.  I realized that in order to make a good vision board that works for me, i’d need to get to know me, where i’ve gone wrong, where I am now and where I want to be.  It’s not enough just to cut out some things and paste it on a board to look at everyday.  It has to have meaning to me, speak to me and motivate me.

I’ve started my vision board but I feel like there’s still some tweaking to do before it becomes my final board…good thing it’s only the third week of January!

I thought that since i’ve been going through my journey of creating my vision board, that i’d share what i’ve learnt so far….

  • Take some time out to figure things out. Like I mentioned before, it’s good to think of where you have been (at the end of the previous year if it’s the new year) where you are currently and where you want to be in the future.  It will help give you an idea of what to put on your board.
  • Lay out some categories that you want to include in your board.  You can put alot or a few, depending, but truly think about each category in your life and what you want out of it.  For example, i’ve chosen Family, Home, Career, Fitness, Travel and self.  I will probably change a few around, add or take some away, but it helps to split them up into categories to give yourself ideas of a well rounded board.
  • Write out things you want and goals you have under each of those categories.  Think about this well; it will help you with the images and quotes to look for.
  • Flip through the magazines thinking of things that are in your categories, but also the images and quotes that give you a certain feeling, vibe or motivation.  Don’t just cut out any image that you think will look good for your board, really search for images that you think for sure speaks to you!
  • Don’t stick everything right away; place things on the board to see where everything fits and how it fits together before making it permanent.  This will allow you to move things around according to how you want it.  There is nothing wrong with working on your board until it is exactly how you want it, afterall, it’s a vision for your life!

I hope that these tips will help you in your journey in creating your perfect vision board for 2018! I am truly excited to see what I end up with and it gives me great motivation for my goals and for my dreams!

Happy envisioning!

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