My perfect workbag

I thought that i’d share my experience going through the trails of finding the perfect work bag.  I know, it seems so trivial, finding the perfect work bag just for going to work.  If you’re like me and you commute to work, you have an idea of how important the right bag is to being able to survive that commute and work itself!  When I recently changed jobs late last year (wow, i’m already saying last year! how time flies), I ended up commuting just a tad bit longer to get to downtown.  I figure that since it’s a fresh start, why not get a new work bag? I’d been shuffling between bags before leaving my old work and had resolved to find the perfect bag that I knew would meet all my needs when I started my new job.  You wouldn’t think it was that hard but I ended up with two bags, one was my first purchase (which was purchased by my sweet hubbs) the Tory Burch T Block satchel and the Kate Spade Dunne Lane Lake  bag.  I ended up with the Kate Spade after a few bumps in the road with the Tory Burch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tory Burch bag, it just wasn’t the right bag for work.

Do you find yourself evaluating bags based on your work needs?  I didn’t think it mattered until I started switching around between bags trying to find the right one to use.  I mean, who thinks that much about a bag?  Well, apparently i do!  Here’s my thought process behind it for anyone curious!

I wanted to find the right bag for a variety of reasons:

  • I needed something simple and classy so that it fits with any way I dress for work, whether it’s casual friday or business casual at work
  • I wanted to make sure that it’s not fussy for commuting, but provided enough compartments for various things I need in a pinch, like house keys or my phone.  I love an organized bag!
  • I needed a bag big enough that i could potentially fit an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella or toque and scarf if need be.  I don’t drive to work so space is a must!  It also shouldn’t be too big as to make me feel like i’m carrying luggage!
  • I love top handles so I wanted a top handle with the versatility of a strap for when i’m running to catch the train!

You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find all those things in any bag, but I wanted a good quality bag since i’d be carrying it everyday.  I wanted to invest in something that isn’t just going to look flimsy or cheap since i’m such a bag lover! I still like the feeling of luxury, without the worry of a super expensive bag.  Lucky for me that it was on sale when I finally decided to take the leap after various visits to the store to check it out!

It’s important to note that the work bag that works for me, may not necessarily work for you.  Everyone has different requirements and depending on the work that you do, it may not work out for you.  For instance, i’m not required to bring a laptop to work, but I know that a certain size may fit in it.  Some people may not need the space in a work bag and would prefer a smaller one, in which case I would recommend the Tory Burch as it’s a beautiful top handle that’s small enough not to look like luggage!  I also find that it’s important to think about what you need this bag for as it’s something that you’ll be carrying everyday and taking with you to work.

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