Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s second day of 2018 is going well so far!  It was a quiet but busy week between Christmas and New Years, which sounds like a contradiction but true nonetheless.  I miss the sparkle and feeling of the holidays but am thankful that all the festivities are over and we can return to our quiet everyday lives once again! lol.

Secondly, I apologize for being away from this for so long…I’ve been going through changes in my life that has kept me more than busy and had put blogging in the backburner.  I do miss blogging, and though once in awhile i get the urge to get a post going, life gets in the way and blogging takes a backseat.  Putting this –which has always been my passion, as one of my resolutions however, ensures that I can give some of my time and effort back and hopefully make my way back into it once more!

Thank you to those that have subscribed and never stopped, i truly appreciate it more than you know.  I hope to bring you more of what you’ve come to love about my blog–and more!

I will end with this for now and wish you once more a prosperous New Year filled with much success, love and happiness in your lives!




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