What’s in my bag?

Happy Friday!

I can’t tell you what a delight it is to be blogging once more.  It’s hard to find the time as life is just busy, busy, busy! I wanted to do a new ‘What’s in my bag’ post to quickly talk about what I carry mostly on a daily basis (although it can vary from time to time).  I love these posts because 1. It shows how much someone’s bag can carry and if I happen to be interested in buying the same bag, I’d know how much fits! 2. Because we all lead such different, exciting lives, these posts can give others ideas for what they may need in their purse or give someone else a sense that they are not alone, that someone else feels the need to carry it around as well!  Whatever the reason, it’s just a fun Friday post to do and I’m glad to be able to do it and for you to read it!

  1. Bag – I bought this beauty from Le Chateau last December; I had wanted a much pricier Mansur Gavriel bucket bag at the time but didn’t feel that it was worth the splurge for my lifestyle.  This vegan leather version is just as nice and fits a good amount of stuff to use as an everyday bag!
  2. Makeup Bag – So, I went on a few trips and just never switched to an actual makeup bag lol. I’ve been using my travel makeup bag for awhile and have just been too lazy to switch again.  On the plus side, it makes things easier to see what I have in my bag.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – this gets transfer to every bag I own. I find that it’s quite essential to have versions, this and the wipes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in a messy “ice cream on my hands” situation needing wipes or needing the hand sanitizer after taking transit.
  4. Granola Bars – To avoid the unpleasant ‘hangry’ situation, during workdays I often carry a granola bar just in case I am in need of a quick snack. There have been times when work has prevented me from just taking time out at that moment for lunch, so a quick snack in the meantime works just as well.
  5. Wallet – (as with #7) I don’t carry a big wallet because I will often stop by the gym after work and it makes more sense to have a compact card case.  I rarely carry cash so this isn’t so much of a problem.  I carry a zipped cardholder and just a snap button cardholder for cards, cash and coins.
  6. Compass – I take the bus to work and live in a great neighborhood where everything can be reached by transit in less than half an hour if not that. I will will always have my compass card with me to ensure that I can just pick up and go and then come back home with no problems.
  7. (see #5)
  8. Journal Book and pens – I have taken up bullet journaling recently (see previous post) and so I do like to carry my journal and pens with me. I won’t do this everytime, but most days I’ll have it just in case.
  9. Battery Pack – this was a gift for hubby awhile back, but it has slowly but surely become my little lifesaver for everyday and even for trips! It has helped bring my phone back to battery life to ensure that I won’t be without power on my phone and can recharge when needed.
  10. Glasses – I don’t use them everyday, all day but I do use them and so it’s handy to carry them around. I leave another pair for work so I know that if I do every forget to carry this pair, I have another at work!
  11. Sunglasses – It used to be seasonal but I’ve come to depend on these polarized babies for most of the year! I love ray bans, and especially the polarized helps reduce the glare and brightness that I have come to loathe with wearing regular sunglasses!

Well that is it for what I am currently carrying in my bag.  It’s not a concrete thing that I’m always carrying, but what’s in my bag these days until I switch it up at least.  While most are essentials, things change depending on my activity or where I’ll be.  I hope this gave you inspiration or maybe suggest something I’m missing that I should be carrying?

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