Bullet Journal newbie

Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is doing well despite the rainy fall weather! Lol.  I almost wish for snow at this point.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  In my attempts to streamline all the random tasks, events and notes floating around in my mind at one point I decided to try a bullet journal.  What is that you say? It’s apparently this new trend of journaling in a rapid fire kind of way.  It’s changed lives! I’m hoping that it will organize my life the way the Konmari method has organized other peoples homes! That is another trial and post all in itself coming soon by the way!

I tried creating my own journal booklet at first try since it’s almost the end of the year and I wasn’t sure that buying a new notebook would really make sense.  Then I caved a day or two later and bought a notebook and pens lol.  Full Disclosure: I love office supplies and get giddy at the chance of buying them.  I just started to fill up my first week as well as the month of November in a glance so it’s still all roughly taking shape.  No doodles or color codes to speak of except when I feel like changing colors of my pen.  I find that it helps to keep track of some stuff and helps with reminders and tasks but it’s still too early yet to fully judge its usefulness.  I will continue on and let you know once I’ve had it for at least a month or even at the end of this year! (which to be fair, is in several weeks)

Have you used the Bullet Journal method in organizing your life? Has it helped? How? Please comment below! I’d love to hear about your #Bujo experience as well as tips and tricks that you can teach me!

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