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Happy Thursday folks!

I’m at the home stretch of my class which ends sometime in October so I’ve had my nose to the books semi-hard (lol) and I’ve been trying to study for my upcoming exam.  In between studying, work, sleep and eat of course, I’ve been trying to prepare for my upcoming trip to London in October.  It is the prize at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel of homework, exams and exercises for class, so I’m pretty excited!  The one thing I’ve been trying to mentally list off in my mind is what to pack! I know, it’s still early given that it’s still a few weeks away but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

The one thing I’ve been loving as of late are utility jackets; be it green, blue, cotton material or oilskinned, I’m obsessed! There are a few places that I’ve seen that go from the high to the medium price point and are comparable.  The only thing that disappoints me with the choices is that neither has a  hidden hood in the collar which I love in a jacket.  If you live in a city that starts off sunny and ends off in a rain and back to sunshine like Vancouver, it makes you appreciate a hidden hood for moments of unpredictability!

Here are some of my finds! 

downtown field jacket

This jacket is $194 regular price but is on sale at $143 so not bad, but still pretty high up there.  It’s got the oilskin finish on the exterior and the pockets which are great for travelling, but no hood.

waxed canvas jacket

This would be pretty similar to the J Crew version and is $185 so not too far from the price as well, but I’ve seen it go for 40% which is a steal at the price. The exterior is waxed canvas and has a light interior lining, pockets as well but again, no hood.  

Both are great options and would work well for travel too. 
Any other brands that you know that have similar versions? Let me know! 

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