Pink Suits me

A sudden dash of inspiration to do something bold led me to wearing my hot pink suit to work.  I am totally in love with this suit, it is bold and beautifully tailored! It is the perfect suit to make a statement in.  I wasn’t trying to make a statement that day other than to just feel my best after the last few weeks of not so good news and just feeling blah.  I happened to have bought the suit on sale, buying them as separates.  I found the blazer first, then stumbling upon the pants on another day.  You never know what you can find on boxing day sales!  The whole suit cost less than $100 so it was a bargain! I’ve always used them as separates, just never together until this day!

| Blazer and Pants: Zara tuxedo blouse: Banana Republic Shoes: Nine West |

What type of outfits do you wear to feel empowered?

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