White Lace Crop Top

It’s been somewhat of a catch-up week for me as I’ve had to recover from a full weekend of events and barely had time to rest as my class starts this week! Last night my husband and I found some time to get dinner at one of my favorite Malaysian restos Mamalee Malaysian Delight.  It’s one of those ‘hole in the wall’ type places though don’t be fooled as it’s pretty clean and neat inside and the service was great!  I had some hankering for some chicken rice and so we made our way to Kits which is quite a trek! Lol.  Thank goodness there wasn’t traffic or else it would take about a half hour.



It had been such a beautiful day but quite warm and humid so I figured I’d dress for the heat.  By the time we started making our way down there the sun had slightly shifted and was covered by clouds but the heat stayed on.  I wore a lace crop top that I’d been dying to wear but due to the rain had not had a chance to.  Thankfully I found an opportunity as it was perfect for the humid weather.  I was going to wear shorts but had changed back into pants the last minute s as I found my shorts kind of snug lol.  In order to keep with the light neutrals, I chose a pair of brown open-toe flats which I’d long forgotten I even had!


| Top & Bag: Forever 21  Pants: Zara  Shoes: Payless Sunnies: Raybans |


I highly recommend that you check out the Mama Lee’s, you won’t be disappointed!

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