Blue (Faux) suede Shoes 

Tuesday’s weather began slightly gloomy and I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain as hard or lighter than what the weather channel said so I compromised and wore a light but short rain jacket.  It was still practical but equally fashionable!  If you’re wondering why I’m so weather obsessed, it’s because in Vancouver you have to be prepared for any type of weather any time of the year.  Even the start of summer has been weird with the mixed sun and rain that just seem to go back and forth in a struggle.  I am hoping for sunnier days before summer is done!


Even with the unpredictability of the weather, I still wanted to wear a skirt and so I thought that for a gloomy day a faux leather skirt shouldn’t look so out of place.  I paired it with a peplum top which hides an unsightly food baby that I’ve been carrying from all the indulgences the past few weeks lol.  I vowed to get fit and toned at the beginning of the season, but that has since given way to enjoyment until fall when I begin my quest again!


| Rain Jacket: French Connection Top: BCBG Skirt: H&M shoes: Zara |

I wanted to add a bright pop to my outfit and that’s where the blue (faux) suede shoes came in.  It gave my outfit a perfect pop of color while keeping it work appropriate.

It turned out nice for the rest of the day so it wasn’t too bad.  I just ended up changing into flats for my lunch time walk!

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