Tropika Tuesday: Blazer Cape x Laced Flats

Wow it’s been awhile! It’s been busier with school and work that I’ve barely even had a chance to blog!  Firstly, i hope everyone is good and enjoying summer!

Since it’s going to take some time to get my bearings, this will be a quickie post as once again, there’s loads more stuff to be done!  Tonight we decided on a whim to head to one of our favorite Malaysian Restos, Tropika on Cambie.  It’s one of my go-to restos that I know is guaranteed to be good and so it was a no-brainer.  It was either there or Mamalee’s in Kits but it was too far and closing early so Tropika won out.


I was super excited since it’s been awhile that we’ve eaten there.  We ordered the usual; Beef rendang, greenbeans, Haianese chicken and mussels.  Super delish!  The only thing that i would say i’d have to be a tad critical is their short staffing tonight. I’m not sure if this is due to an onslaught of people that came tonight as opposed to maybe a slower night usually, but i felt like if they had a few more servers tonight then they would have maybe turned over a few more tables.

It was a warm enough day that i thought i could wear my cape blazer and still feel breezy for a summer night.  This is one of my favorite cape blazers and it goes with everything and can be dressed from casual to dressy.


I went black and white once again which i’ve noticed i’ve maybe started wearing alot more even during the start of the summer.  It’s just such an easy combo to pull off! lol.  I wore my fave (and only) flat lace-ups from Payless.  These are just the greatest! They have laces but also have a zipper at the back so i don’t have to really un-do the laces if i decided not to continue tying the rest of the laces around my ankles (which i don’t really do for a quick on/off).




Blazer: BCBG | Top & Jeans: Forever 21 | Bag: Zara | Flats: Christian Siriano for Payless


img_4664We don’t usually get to head out at the start of the week as it gets slightly busy so it’s nice to be able to get out for a quick (or what we thought was going to be quick) dinner.  I hope the rest of everyone’s night is lovely!

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