TBT to skinny me: A work in progress to get fit again!

Happy Throwback Thursday all! It’s been awhile, a few posts here and there and then I just kind of disappear.  Apologies, a few things that I’ve been working on, though mainly on myself;  since the new year—or lets go farther back, ever since I got married I’ve let some things adrift while I enjoyed my first year of wedded bliss.  One particular part of my life was fitness; in my early 30s I’ve found the weight just kept creeping on me, and my metabolism getting slower.  I began to be more sluggish and just not upto anything, preferring to lie down and veg.  Around the time of my wedding however, I was able to pick myself up and get my butt to the gym to get fit.  I got to my goal weight in a few months and I was happy.

After the wedding, fitness was just not that big of a priority so I let myself take a breather and enjoy life.  Boy was I wrong.  I believe it was enjoying life too much and not making myself accountable for any bad health decisions that got me where I am today.  By December, even my pants one-size up weren’t fitting anymore.  My dresses had a few extra lumps in places that weren’t there before, and just my overall feeling wasn’t as great.

Even though I had set a new goal in the New Year, I was still lacking motivation.  The more things didn’t fit, the more I got sad.  The thought of the old me getting farther in sight seemed to make me more unmotivated and frustrated.  It wasn’t until last month that I got the motivation to start exercising here and there, getting to the gym some days.  Now I try to do circuits of strength training from Youtube again, and just trying to go day by day.  I try to hold myself accountable for bad health decisions, and even though I give myself a cheat day here and there, I try to push myself the next day to make up for it.  I’m still trying to get in shape, get fit and happy again and just begin to love myself in whatever size I end up in.  Thanks for letting me share what I’ve been upto!

new years eve – the last time i pulled off this gorgeous dress without the food baby present.

vegas….some time ago. i had worked my butt off to be able to wear this skirt!

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