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Let me start this by saying that I’ve been an avid podcast-head for the last little bit being introduced to it through the much-acclaimed podcast, Serial.  Like many listeners before and since, Sarah Koenig has managed to capture my attention with her great story-telling abilities.  I was going to suggest it as the natural choice for my first podcast recommendation, but you’d have to be living under a rock or in the amazon, completely devoid of technological access to not have already heard it much less listened to an episode.  I’ve listened to both season 1 and 2, and still itching to get more.  I guess this is why I thought to recommend some of the podcasts that I’ve subscribed to, as a way to curb your serial appetite, like mine.

I must admit I’ve never previously been into talk radio much, finding it as a means to a quick nappy.  I imagine that I’d still feel the same way, as talk radio never seems to really have some direction, more like an open discussion on air.  What I like about podcasts, and maybe what I look for, is a more controlled podcast; a podcast with a narrative and a direction in which to lead the audience—me.  I guess you could say it could be more like a book on tape, really.

Anywhoos….My first recommendation this week is the podcast, Freakonomics.  It’s from NY Journalist and author Stephen J. Dubner and Award-winning economist Steven D. Levitt who co-authored a book (and another) of the same name.  At first glance you could speculate that it could either be about Economics (which from my college experience could also be a means to a nap) or about err—freaks? Luckily for me, I watched the documentary awhile back so I can gladly tell you it isn’t either of those.  It is actually using economic principles (I think) and logic to explain today’s issues like education, parenting and even tipping.  They give their audience an entirely new (or just unseen) way of looking at the issues and offer fresh perspectives based on their economist backgrounds.

If you are looking to find a fresh perspective on issues that has plagued society or just to be able to see an issue from another light, try this on for size.  If nothing else, it will certainly make you go ‘huh…so true’.

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