Floral Blazer x Gladiator Sandals

I am so glad it’s Friday, and I know i’m not alone in this lol.  It’s been a long, short week, if ya know what I mean.

Work is always agonizing on a Friday when it’s nice and sunny outside.  It’s like a puppy waiting for it’s owner to get home so it can finally go for a walk outside lol.  I stare out the window and long for the end of the day when i can run free outside!

After work today, Hubby and I went to Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to look for dining chairs.  You read right, dining chairs.  Yup folks, this is Friday night of married life.  It only gets crazier from here! lol.

It was so nice and warm this afternoon, i prematurely wore shorts which in hindsight was both not the greatest idea and the worst thing.  While it was still nice and warm when we got there, leaving felt a lot more chilly.  I’m glad though, that I at least got to dress summer-like even for a short period of time after a long period of wool coats, sweaters and scarves.


| Blazer: Forever 21 | Top: French Connection | Shorts: J. Crew | Sandals:old (can’t remember the brand) | Bag: Zara |


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