Seattle Weekend Border Run

Happy (bleh) Monday!

It was uuuhh-gly today!  Just as work was winding down, the rain started to gush so hard!  Good thing I was able to enjoy the weekend, in Seattle with the hubby.  I love even the shortest of border runs with the hubby, its our us time in a week of stress and busy schedules.  Our trip started off nicely with the sunshine beaming down as we drove down to the border.  It took about half an hour maybe more to get across but after that, it was smooth sailing!

 I had checked the weather for the weekend all week so  I knew what to pack; even so, I am very familiar with the ever-changing weather of the northwest.  I decided to layer up with a un-lined wool coat and my favorite puffy vest.  Good thing too cause it got cold on our way home.

| jacket: Zara | shirt: h&m | jeans: Forever 21 | shoes: adidas Stan smiths | bag: Chanel |

It was a quiet night with some shopping and then sushi at Blue C Sushi!

The next day was another shopping day first at Southcenter Mall and then downtown.   I found a few good deals (due to the dollar) but it was still a good afternoon!

For dinner we ended up going to Joey Bellevue just a short walk across the way from our hotel–good dinner as always!  hWe grabbed a drink a dessert after dinner then checked out the “club” at our hotel.  I know, a club at the lobby, what??? I think it works because it gets the after dinner crowd as well as guests.  It wasn’t too bad, but got a little loud! Man, we’re getting old.  Anywhoo, after a few more drinks, we decided to call it a night.

| cape blazer: ever new | dress: forever 21 | shoes: aldo | bag: Chanel |


 The drive home wasn’t bad, but the weather had turned to rain and it was our sure sign that it was time to head back home!

With a more deals found at the outlet (score for the hubby getting $100 Rayban wayfarers!) and then it was time to go! A quick wait at the border, and then home by 9pm!

Until next time, Seattle and Bellevue! It was fun!

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